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Funny, Motivational Speaker Polly Pitchford believes that we can train people to be great leaders, excellent customer service reps, astute salespeople, excellent communicators and effective managers, but without good health, NO ONE can truly enjoy a consistently successful, happy and productive life.

Funny Motivational Speaker Polly Pitchford

As well as being a cookbook author and healthy lifestyle expert, Polly Pitchford, is masterful at giving people the latest information and tools to help them live with more energy, vitality and mental clarity than they ever dreamed possible. PLUS – she delivers that information in such an entertaining, fun and funny way that people walk away armed and ready to take charge of their own excellent health.

Polly's Most Popular Topics

Rise & Shine “Get Moving” Sessions!
The Secrets to Reduce Stress...
Laughing Your Way to Wellness...
The Outrageous Girls Guide to Good Health
Pump Up Your Corporate Mojo
Pump Up Your Admin Mojo

Best Ways to Use Polly

Rise & Shine “Get Moving” Sessions!

While you have Polly for your Keynote or Breakout session, why not have her ignite your attendees with a fun, rockin’ Zumba ® class or a blissful, centering Yoga class? Either way they will leave energized, refreshed and ready to rock and roll by your first morning session! Attendees LOVE these offerings at their conference!

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“The Secrets to Reduce Stress, Improve Energy and Feel Fantastic: From Burned Out to Bodacious!”

We can no longer deny the facts: Stress not only reduces our efficiency at work and at home, it also compromises our health, clouds our focus, damages our relationships and ravages our emotions. In this potentially life-saving, fun, high- energy session, Polly will share the secrets to help you take back control of your life, your time, your productivity, your happiness and your good health. You’ll go back to your world revitalized, re-energized and with a tool box filled with strategies to keep you in the driver’s seat of your own well-being.

Attendees will leave knowing:

  • The quickest way to de-stress at work
  • How to instantly brighten your outlook at your desk
  • The 5 best ways to release the Feel Good Hormones
  • How to give your “Control Freak” ways a break
  • The secret to instant energy to get you through a slump

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“Laughing Your Way to Wellness”
A Woman’s Guide to Stressing Less

  • The alarm didn’t go off..
  • Your kid in college needs more money...
  • Your project at work was due yesterday...
  • The Middle East threat looms larger.

We all live every day of our lives with stress. Some are the big, looming stressors like illness in the family or job loss but most of our stress, especially as women, comes from all the balls we try to keepjuggling in the air. Our To-Do list is endless and we rarely put self-care at the top of that list! The reality is that we are tightly wound and exhausted from living with this constant tension and our health and happiness suffers as a result, at work and at home. And when mama’s not happy.

After Polly’s humorous program, you will walk away empowered to take charge of your health and ready to make positive, long-lasting changes. Polly’s practical, doable strategies are a cinch to put into your life right away. Laugh out loud and stress less as you learn simple ways to:

  • Put yourself first on your To-Do List
  • Stop over-obligating yourself - how to say “no” without feeling guilty
  • Release the stress valve, daily
  • Discover the six secrets of soothing slumber and restoring your energy tanks
  • “Unzip” from your own drama and the rewards that result
  • Use best foods to replenish your adrenals
  • Move your body to restore your energy!

Best Suited for Women’s Groups

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The Outrageous Girls Guide to Good Health

Change Your Attitude About Food and Fitness
and Laugh in the Process!

It’s not your mother’s diet plan anymore. It’s a new world. It’s a new day. And it’s time for a new perspective on women’s health. This isn’t about willpower, rigid rules, deprivation, or even the numbers on the scale. In fact, it’s not about the numbers on the outside, but the numbers on the inside. Join us as Polly, in her fun and entertaining way, tips the scales on women’s health, showing you that it’s not that you’ve been doing the wrong things, but that you’ve been focused in the wrong direction. Finally a refreshing perspective and powerful tools you can easily implement to create the life you want, and even have fun in the process.

Attendee Take Aways:

  • 5 Fab Fitness Moves
  • Raising Healthy Children…and Husbands
  • Eating Right on the Run
  • Breaking Up With Your Muffin Top
  • How To Make Doing Squats Fun
  • First Thought of the Day to Slow Down The Aging Process
  • The Best Tools for Achieving Life balance
  • 4 Most Important Release Valve Techniques for Stress and Anxiety
  • The Secret to Sidestepping Sedentary Diseases
  • Rockstar Foods for Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease
  • How to Turn Down the Volume on Menopause
  • Eating through major life changes – avoiding stress eating
  • 5 ways to look thinner without doing anything

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Pump Up Your Corporate Mojo*

Adding More Muscle To Your Bottom Line

*This topic can be customized to meet the needs of any population, regardless of what your daytime responsibilities are, personally or professionally!

If people are your greatest asset, then healthy people will give you the competitive edge.

Attendee Take Aways:

  • Number one thing causing your team to crash (The Missing Health Component)
  • Rock star foods that improve memory, sharpen your focus, level your emotions, and bring you more clarity
  • 1 Minute Desktop Workouts to take you from frazzled to fired up
  • Neck pain? Back pain? Shoulder pain? Kiss them good-bye
  • How to recognize your break room demons and what to replace them with
  • The most effective morning ritual to support you through a stressful day
  • Surefire Solutions for Avoiding the Afternoon Slump
  • Eating right on the run
  • Three things that are killing your energy at work
  • The secret that will transform your perspective on health
  • What is sabotaging your effectiveness at work
  • Supercharge your brain

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Pump Up Your Admin Mojo

Laughing Your Way to a Better Bottom Line

How much more effective could your people be if they had better focus, better clarity and better energy? Can you say ASTOUNDINGLY MORE EFFECTIVE?? Higher productivity, innovative thinking and a team that doesn’t crash are all directly linked to our health. More importantly, attendees will experience a shift from viewing healthy lifestyle behaviors they feel they CAN’T do to fun, easy, doable tips they CAN’T WAIT to do!

Such as:

  • The 30 second energy booster
  • Eating right on the run
  • 5 Foods that help level out emotions
  • The single most important thing to do in the A.M. that will pump up mental clarity
  • Surefire Solutions for Avoiding the Afternoon Slump
  • The 3 best practices for work stress
  • Energizing snacks that don’t cause a crash – don’t leave home without them!
  • The secret that will transform our perspective on health

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Best Ways to Use Polly

Most people want Polly to open their conferences with her usual high-energy, fun, invigorating presentation since it will set the PERFECT tone for the entire event. And while she’s there she can further contribute to the success of your event by:

  1. Conducting morning “Hot to Trot” Yoga, Zumba, Muscle Tone or Stretch classes. Oh, your people will be humming with high energy all day!
  2. Conducting breakout sessions specifically designed to help people eat more healthily on the run. What’s REALLY fun is for her to create a very tasty snack recipe, work with the hotel chef to actually USE that recipe for their afternoon snack, and then, in her session, conduct a demo of how to make that snack at home. People LOVE this one!

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