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7 Tips for Maintaining, Not Gaining, Over the Holidays

Polly Pitchford - Saturday, November 28, 2015

Now is not the time to try to lose weight! With all the office cookies, parties, family gatherings and traditional dessert recipes, it's challenging enough not to spin out of control on a sugar high much less try and lose that stubborn 5 pounds with an All Kale diet!  Let's get real and make peace with the idea that weight loss will be easier to achieve starting January 1.  Until that time, here are 7 strategies that will help you maintain your current weight and still let you enjoy the holiday food traditions that are near and dear to our hearts.

1. Keep moving!  If we're going to allow ourselves to enjoy the extra calories on occasion, then it's vital that we keep up our "Moving More" program to semi-balance out the indulgences. Go for a 10 minute walk every morning and every evening is a great place to start.

2. Be a snob.  Food snob, that is.  If what's being offered is a confection that is mass produced in a factory with men standing guard at the conveyor belt with hairnets and hazmat suits on...just walk away.  Save your indulgences for honest to goodness homemade goodies; the recipe that gets pulled out of that recipe box once a year and has butter stains all over it. Yes.

3. Wait for it...  Wait for those special parties, gatherings, events that you want to go to.  Enter them on your calendar and enjoy the heck out of those times when you're there!  Here's the catch: Do not let those behaviors and calories to seep into all the other days of this month. 

4.Stop it!  Just because it's a tradition in your family (or office), if it's not healthy and you really don't love it yourself, break the tradition!  Corpses really don't "roll over in their graves".  Start a new, healthier food tradition at your holiday gathering.  Just one, though, don't freak everyone out.

5.Ruin your appetite. This makes me laugh.  My ex mother-in-law used to warn my kids not to "fill up" on raw veggies with ranch dressing (hey, we're talking kids here) before a meal. What I'm offering to you is the notion of eating a half a sandwich or a salad or anything "healthy" before heading out for an evening of hot dish hedonism!  You'll save yourself from waking up with "belly shame".

6.Create space.  This is called Mindfulness: Before you dive in, create space between your triggers and your actions.  Isn't that cool?  Think about it for a few moments before you go face down into that plate. 

7.Eat with intention.  Intension of caring for yourself. I promise you that when you wake up tomorrow there will still be food on this planet.  This is not your last supper.  We are blessed and grateful, yes?  

Enjoy and savor every moment of this holiday season, my friends.  Love yourself and extend that love towards others.

Health and Happiness,





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