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Childhood Memories at the Dinner Table

Polly Pitchford - Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Order and routine:  Those ruled at the dinner table of my childhood, whether it was the food, the seating chart, or the predictably spilled milk that got us predictably scolded.The four of us kids grew up in the 60's where my mom stayed at home and she was in charge.  She made dinner, my dad would come home from work and ceremoniously doff his hat and place it beside his small collection of gentlemanly hats, we'd hear the clanging of the dinner bell from various outposts of the neighborhood, wash up and sit in our assigned seats at the kitchen table.  That's how it worked.

The occasions when it didn't were few: when company came, when my parents went out, or, more rarely, when Mom indulged one of her cravings - Anthony's hot and messy Meatball Grinders.  Or maybe a favorite movie, like Sound of Music, was on TV that night.  Then we got to break our dinner routine.  I grin thinking about it.  Everything tasted better on the braided rug in front of the Motorola or at the picnic table out back.

Today I reflect on the preciousness of every meal and its ability to nourish both body and soul.  I hope my two grown sons will one day recall with fondness of the special mealtimes we've shared as a family.  I also hope you will value the nourishment that breaking bread with loved ones provides.

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