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Lifestyle Challenge: Week 1 WATER

Polly Pitchford - Wednesday, January 04, 2012

If there was just one thing you had to choose to improve your overall health, what would it be?  Water.  Most of us are dehydrated because we don't A: drink enough water, B: eat enough fruits and veggies that also supply water and C: dehydrate from heated homes, air conditioning, and perspiring. For our best health our cells need to be, first and foremost, hydrated to perform their functions optimally.  Drinking enough water is the easiest first step to overall health so let's get started!

What kind?  Natural Spring Water, or filtered tap water with a Solid Carbon Block filter are best.

How Much each day?  Divide your body weight by 2, express that number in ounces.  Example: 150 lbs. / 2 = 75; 75 oz. = 9 1/3 cups.  If you exercise and sweat a lot, increase that amount by at least 2 cups.

How do I fit it all in?  1 cup upon arising, 1 cup between morning coffee, 2 cups before noon, 1 cup with lunch, 2 cups before 4:00, 1 cup before dinner, 1 cup with dinner, 1 cup after dinner 

What can I substitute?  Unsweetened teas, iced or hot.  I prefer decaffeinated green tea, especially in the afternoon and after dinner.

So, are you ready to take on this challenge?!!  You don't have to change anything else that you're doing (or eating) at this point.  Just work on getting enough water every day and notice how you feel!  Warning:  at first your bladder will be very active and you'll be heading to the bathroom all over town!  But in a few days you will acclimate to the upped water intake and your cells will absorb more and your bladder will calm down.  Remember, it's normal to empty your bladder several times a day!  It's NOT normal to only go once or twice!

Good luck and Happy Hydrating!  


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