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Mountain vs Molehill

Polly Pitchford - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just the way I seem to be making my first Blog into a MOUNTAIN, most people make an exercise regime into that same MOUNTAIN!  And the truth is both can actually be teensy weensy Molehills.  It's just taking that first step, isn't it?  So, just as I've taken my first step in typing these words, I'm going to share with you the easiest first step to starting any exercise program.  I call it "Best Feature Fitness" and here's how it works:  Pick the physical attribute that you are already proud of, and improve on just that one thing for starters.  We usually identify our worst feature and become defeated just thinking about how long it will take and how hard it will be to get that "thing" in shape!  Yes, it will take a while.  Defeated before we begin, right? Why not start with, say, your shoulders, (that's what I started with) and work just them for a few weeks.  Seriously, forget the bodacious booty for right now and grab some 5-10 pound weights and do some upright rows, side raises, forward raises, and overhead presses and before you know it, that feature that you already like will take on better shape, because, a: it's not a long workout and b: you're not giving up!  Now, you don't have to limit yourself exercising just body parts. Consider your natural flexibility, or your good balance, or your large aerobic capacity, or your natural rhythm for dancing...See what I mean?  All of a sudden you are giving yourself permission not to climb the whole huge mountain of "Exercise and Fitness" but allowing yourself to see quick gains with something that is already your strength...and getting it stronger!  YAY!  My experience was that by the short time it took for my shoulders to start showing definition, I was partway hooked into my time spent exercising and I was motivated to try working out in other ways.  Allow yourself the easy successes of climbing a Molehill to spur yourself on to more levels of that Mountain called fitness!   Hope this helps!

Well what do you know?  My Blog Mountain just became Blog Molehill!

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