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Acceptance of Sagging Knees

Polly Pitchford - Thursday, August 23, 2012

I am a proud veteran of the fitness industry of 30 odd years and have taken pride in my healthy heart, strong muscles and toned body.  Let's see, if I started exercising at 26 and have been at it for 30 years....Yikes!  No wonder I'm looking at sagging knee skin when I'm in Downward Facing Dog! 

I write this blog with the acceptance of a gracefully aging woman.  But it has taken me quite some time to get to this place where I finally accept my aging athletic body and can say that today I have a healthy body image.  And surprisingly, I realize that many of these struggles came from the unlikely setting of the gym and all my workout buddies!

Here's what I discovered:

I used to think of the gym as a great place to take care of your physical shape and therefore overall health.  Wrong.  One of my favorite quotes is, "You can't out exercise a poor diet".  You can run on the treadmill and hoist heavy weights all you want but if your eating isn't clean and you're taking in too many calories, then your shape isn't going to change (much).  I experienced this frustrating stalemate for a time.

The other misconception about the "healthy mindset" of everyone at the gym is that we are confident and happy in our skin.  Where that might be true for a small percentage of members, most of us are more body conscious obsessed than the average overweight Josephine on the street!  Not only do we wear the show-all-form-fitting outfits, we can all tell if someone has put on a few pounds.  Oh, we look!

So I'm left with the good and the bad of having a strong and wonderful social network of women at the gym:  the bad is that we're all a little too obsessed with our weight and shape I'm know that has wrought unnecessary internal battles, BUT the good news is that we've stayed obsessed enough to motivate ourselves to eat mindfully and healthfully over all these years to still look good in our spandex, saggy knees and all!

My message here is to be persistent at living as healthy a lifestyle as you can manage and then be accepting of yourself for doing it.

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