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Polly Pitchford - Monday, November 25, 2013

You know what's REALLY healthy?  Being grateful.

As this national holiday of Thanksgiving approaches I am actively practicing what I preach: limit the calories in the days preceding so I can pig out, get in an extra exercise session to be in calorie deficit for the big pig out, and plan out every detail of the menu ahead of time to reduce stress during the actual day of the pig out (wait, is this just a woman thing?  Stay tuned for another post about THAT), anywhoooo...yes, I'm thinking about the things I believe in as a motivational speaker on health and wellness but I have to admit, I'm a little exhausted by it.

In comes a new and simple thought:  Be grateful. Grateful for who we are in this lifetime, in this moment.  Life is so precious it brings a sting to my eyes. Let's take everything we already know about our health and practice it to the best of our abilities and agree not to beat ourselves up if they don't work out the way we imagined. (There's the dreaded New Year's Resolutions right around the corner, after all.)  Let's instead, appreciate the people around us, the efforts made, the dawn of a new day that we're still breathing and most importantly, ourselves. If we appreciate the wonder of our functioning body and that divine connection that is our spirit, then it's easier to be kind, to be giving, and to be grateful.  I truly believe that our health, and that of our planet, will soar.

Happy Thanksgiving oh seekers of health!!


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