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The Best Food to Eat in the Morning

Polly Pitchford - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Here’s a riddle for you:  What’s sweet, low calorie, juicy, crispy, energizing, cleansing and cheap?


Have you been enjoying the fruits of summer as much as I have?  I was in pursuit of the perfect watermelon and it took me until just 2 weeks ago to find it: crunchy, watery and super sweet. Nothing better. Except the perfect apple in the fall…and the perfect orange in the winter…and the perfect raspberry in the spring.  Ever the motivational speaker on health, here’s my first fruit tip: Eat fruit only when it’s in season.  That way you will guarantee 2 things: Peak of ripeness/deliciousness and affordable. That’s only the tip of the iceberg of interesting tidbits about fruit.  Here are some other fruity facts you might want to ponder.

  • Latin: frui = “to delight in or to enjoy”
  • All fruits come from plants that are poisonous – except the fruit itself.  Example: Apricot pits’ Laetrile is touted as a cancer cure; no proof; the pit does contain Cyanide; apricots have gone on all 15 NASA trips to the moon
  • People who eat the most fruits and vegetables have HALF the rate of cancers as those who eat the least.
  • Generally, vegetables are considered a better source of minerals while fruit is considered a better source of vitamins.
  • Fruits with seeds help nourish the glands (can you say depleted adrenals?), nerves and brain.
  • More toxins are eliminated during the summer months; fruit cleanses the body by stimulating bowel activity and in the summer we wear lighter clothing and perspire more, increasing our elimination of toxins.
  • Kiwi, Pineapple and Papaya: The Big 3 for digestive enzymes
  • Watermelon seeds are wonderful for the kidneys.  They are also very good for the nervous system. Make “seed milk” by blending watermelon seeds with water, straining off the hulls and drink.
  • Chew the seeds of Kumquats, Loquats and Leechee nuts to get the Vitamin E
  • Cherries help to remove the Uric Acid from the body, which may help with gout and arthritis
  • Blueberries help to rejuvenate the pancreas making them a great fruit for those with diabetes
  • Mangos contain vitamin C, fiber and beta carotene and Anacardic Acid which is a sedative/stimulant. What?? Yes, it evokes an “alert sense of calm”.  Hindus use mango fasts to induce a meditative state.
  • Plums only have 30-35 calories!
  • Grapes are a great source of magnesium; cleanses liver, aids kidneys

I am continually awed by the endless treasures that Mother Nature provides us to keep our bodies healthy and balanced!

Have you had your piece of fruit today?


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